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client testimonialsReviews and testimonials are a sure way to gauge success. We already know how much of an impact Upward Spiral can make in your shooting results, but you may as well hear what others are saying about us too!

Take a look at some of the client testimonials offered from my students below. We also encourage you to send in your personal experience(s) as well, using the form at the very bottom of the page.

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Very nice web site. I can certainly attest to the effectiveness of the program!!!!


The first question I remember Mike asking went something along the lines of whether I wanted suggestions or for him to assume I needed to start from scratch. What a great approach. We settled into a combination of both.

We had good discussions about shooting theory, best practices, approaching competition, reloading shells and just the love of the game. My score improved, I won my first trophy and best of all, I made a friend.

Thanks Mike!


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