Upward Spiral Sporting Clay & Trapshooting Instruction
Middletown Sportsmen’s Club | TRAP 7 | 6943 Michael Rd, Middletown, OH 45042

We offer three (3) types of Trapshooting & Sporting Clay instruction, including:

  1. Private Group (5 shooters)
  2. Small Group (3-4 shooters)
  3. Individual (One-on-One) (1-2 shooters)

Contact me as soon as possible to secure your desired class dates and times.

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Who Are Your Clients?

First of all, my classes are for EVERYONE. No experience is required.

shooting instruction

Classes are perfect for youth, spouses and beginning shooters – as well as experienced trapshooters.

Over the years, I have worked with many clients who have never touched a gun – and have also helped experienced shooters improve their techniques. So the class I offer varies, in that regard, to best fit the experience level of the students.

The personal lessons are perfect for youth or women shooters, but as listed above, I also take on groups for camps and clinics as well. But typically many classes provide the one-on-one interaction that many students appreciate. We will have the trap to ourselves for a personal session, away from any crowd.

Where Can We Find You?

Shooting lessons are typically held at the Middletown Sportsmen’s Club, located at 6943 Michael Road in Middletown, Ohio.

I will frequently be shooting/instructing behind TRAP 7 at the club – which is in the bend, near the covered picnic table. If you want to stop over and say hello, or inquire about what the classes may offer you, please do so.

What Do the Classes Offer?

The classes are geared mainly toward learning how to shoot Sporting Clays and Trap. Learning how to shoot with a squad is important for games such as these.

Other than the hands-on shooting of targets, class topics discussed include:

shooting chronograph

A chronograph is used to determine shot velocities.

  • Shooting Etiquette
  • Use of the chronograph to determine shot velocity
  • Understanding shotgun patterning
  • Pattern Placement (POI)
  • Length of Pull (LOP)
  • Shotgun fitting (using a local gunsmith)
  • The difference in shells and recoil (low-recoil shells can be provided)
  • Shot shell reloading (house calls)

While shooting takes place, I will help to get you zeroed in quickly. I have the ability to see the shot-string (particularly on lost targets), to tell you immediately if you missed the target high, low, left, or right.

What Do I Bring as a Student?

Each class is actually all-inclusive. Which means, everything necessary will be on-site for you to learn the proper shooting techniques. Of course, if you have your own shotgun, shells and accessories – then by all means bring them along.

I will provide guns, ear plugs, shell box holders, hull bags, barrel rests and safety glasses for anyone wanting to learn the art of shooting.

So just bring a great attitude and desire to learn. Learning the proper way to shoot from the start will keep you from developing bad habits (which are very difficult to “un-learn”). Trapshooting is a skill you can take with you wherever you go.

Try My Guns Before You Buy

shooting classes

Feel the difference between guns with my Try-Before-You-Buy program.

This program is a great way for youth, spouses and beginning shooters to try the game – before investing in a shotgun of their own. Students can use my shotguns to see and feel the differences between O/U’s, autoloaders and single barrels.

When you get ready to purchase a shotgun, I will be happy to assist in showing you the differences between the types and help you choose the best shotgun for you.

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