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client testimonialsReviews and testimonials are a sure way to gauge success. We already know how much of an impact Upward Spiral can make in your shooting results, but you may as well hear what others are saying about us too!

Take a look at some of the client testimonials offered from my students below. We also encourage you to send in your personal experience(s) as well, using the form at the very bottom of the page.

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Dear Mike:

Thank you for your help in getting Ian back on track!


Evan N

I shot in a sporting clay outing in October of 2019. I shot 38/100. I was a little embarrassed regarding my performance, so looked into lessons.

Found Mike online and did three lessons with him in November of 2019.

I didn’t shoot again until the same event in October of 2020. I shot 77/100!!! I doubled my score from just THREE lessons with Mike.

He is great to work with, very communicative, and willing to help with gear/gun/ammo guidance. I highly recommend working with Mike!

Richard G


Mike is the most patient, understanding and helpful instructors I have ever met. He is great working with youth and adults. His calm demeanor and attitude has greatly helped me increase my skills.

I would recommend Upward Spiral to all – it is worth travelling to have Mike instruct you.

Richard G

Gary R


Great coaching session today. Still have a big grin on my face from all the clays that broke and shooting my old pal! That was a real treat for me and sentimental too.


Terry K

Morning Mike,

Thanks again for all your time and valuable instruction (and going beyond 4 hours of actual instruction)! Also for your patience, not only in instructing, but dealing with my crazy schedule! Excellent service.



Very nice web site. I can certainly attest to the effectiveness of the program!!!!


The first question I remember Mike asking went something along the lines of whether I wanted suggestions or for him to assume I needed to start from scratch. What a great approach. We settled into a combination of both.

We had good discussions about shooting theory, best practices, approaching competition, reloading shells and just the love of the game. My score improved, I won my first trophy and best of all, I made a friend.

Thanks Mike!